VMware Log Insight – Part 2 Active Directory Authentication

This is Part 2 and I will show how to configure VMware Log Insight for Active Directory Authentication.

Before VMware released the GA Version 1.5 I only used local users mostly colleagues for different analytic operations. Now it is time to change these not really useful configuration from local users to active directory.

Step 1: Select Configuration Tap

Navigate to the Administration site on your Log Insight website. On the left site you can select different configuration parts. I think that the most of them are already configured so that we can select „Authentication“.



On this site you can enable Active Directory support and configure your „Default Domain“.


For Active Directory Authentication you have to set up user credentials that are used for testing AD connectivity an validating AD users and groups.

AD-User Now Test your configuration and if it success you have to add a Active Directory Group. I created a separate AD-Group for all Administrators who need the power of VMware Log Insight at their daily work.

Step 2: Add Active Directory – Group

Navigate to the Management Part and select „Users“ (Step 1) than select „New Group“(Step 2).


Next thing to do is to add your Active Directory Group with the preferred Role. You can select between two different Roles. The Admin Role and Normal User Role.



Now you can login to your Log Insight appliance with your Active Directory User.

In Step 3 I will show how to create custom Mail alarms based on your Query.